Coping with an Unresponsive Partner

When two people get married or commit to a long term relationship, they have often found that each one of them has strengths and weaknesses that they contribute to the relationship. They come to depend upon each other over time, and this strengthens the bond between them. Developing shorthand methods of communication between them is a normal progression, but there are times when it can be interrupted.

One of the partners may suddenly stop responding to normal conversation, or they might become unreliable when asked to perform simple tasks. There are ways of coping with this situation, so it does not necessarily mean the relationship is about to end.

Signs the relationship is in trouble

Lack of conversation between two people is one of the first signs that a relationship is nearing its end, so this is the time to take positive action. Finding the root cause as soon as possible is important because the situation can escalate if it is ignored.

When one person stops communicating, they are generally no longer interested in their partner. This signals doom for the couple staying together, but there are ways to reinvigorate the relationship if both are amenable.

Simple tasks left undone

Two people living together have needs that must be attended, and couples often rely on each other to help them with accomplishing simple tasks that will keep their household running smoothly. Reminding a partner to pick up a few grocery items on the way home from work as they walk out the door is a normal occurrence in most homes, and a wave or grunt to acknowledge the list is generally an acceptable form of communication.

When the person arrives home later without picking up many of the items, it causes tension in the relationship. If there was no acknowledgement to begin with, frustration and anger can be a partner’s response to being ignored.

Finding the real cause

As people go through life, their environment is responsible for much of their health and issues related to it. Within a relationship that has lasted for years, people make unconscious accommodations for each other without noticing that something might be wrong. When tensions build up, they might believe their partner is seeing someone else.

The cause might be something as simple as a hearing loss, and it can be diagnosed and corrected with hearing aids. Unfortunately, not all couples think a medical situation might be the cause of their deteriorating relationship.

Taking Positive Action

When there is a noticeable change in a relationship, it is time to become active in finding the cause and curing the problem. Couples who want to stay together must be honest when it comes to working through their issues, and a lack of good hearing is one issue where pride and frustration go together.

At AJC Hearing, there are solutions available to help them cope and take positive actions to restore their previously successful relationship without the need for counselling. AJC Hearing provide excellent hearing aids Stockport, ear wax removal Stockport and hearing test Stockport services to their local catchment area.

Couples who have been together for years have often faced a variety of bumps in their relationship, but coping with a partner who has become unresponsive due to hearing issues can break their bond. Taking timely action can solve the issues and keep them together in a positive way for many more years.